Sunday, July 4, 2021




The magic collection of memorabilia and gems that forms the focal of this piece has been gathering for years. 

A beautiful rusticated fauxtique ceramic bead from VladtheBatsCeramics, an old painted Buddhist amulet, a shard of scintillating green kyanite, a carved shell bead, a glint of citrine crystal, a lovely deep blue kyanite polished oval pendant and my favorite antique vaseline bicone African trade bead in a wistful seafoam green. A cairn of three matte prehenite wheels suspends the focal and leads to a necklace composed of rustic aquamarine tubes chased by sparkling citrine. A bath for the psyche! This necklace, like most of my work, is full of hidden surprises and little quirky secrets tucked between the links. It will provide meditation material and create spirited conversations to warm you to your core.



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