Monday, December 16, 2019


In the ancient tradition of protecting the home with a garland and amulet on the entryway, my house malas have a message of protection. Each is individual, with beads old and new, works of art by beadmakers known and dancing with gemstones to welcome the good spirits and ward off any evil that may come.
Suspended from a beautifully rustic stoneware bar from Belgium are three strands of symbols: starting with the sunburst bead of French clay, we have a glass opal pagoda bead, a South African salmon-patterned bead, a bluebird of happiness (Lori Lochner), and a Mayan jade turtle, who bears the world on his back.

On the right is a humble cat, who sees through darkness, an antique Czech faceted green heart bead and a crackled heart. (Two hearts are better than one, and represent the shared beating of those who love you.)

On the left, the little chick above a plump faceted old style Czech bead atop a pig (this mala was made in the Year of the Pig, symbolizing prosperity and honesty), a Salmon-patterned sunburst , all ending with a clay flower-bell with a clapper of chalcedony, the stone of transformation.

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