Wednesday, December 11, 2019

House Protection Mala: ZOMBIE BOY

“Mala” means ‘garland’ -  an idea more 3,000 years old. This little collection of artisan beads, earth stones and artifacts from the natural world is meant to hang on a door or wall, in a very ancient tradition of welcoming the good and warning the evil that may come.

Each element adds symbolic meaning, starting with the one of a kind stoneware clay bar holding the piece together -  it represents the “Pillar of Heaven” holding the vault of Sky above Earth. The talented artist and fauxtifactician, Steph Brouwer (find her amazing work at Vladthebatsceramics) gathered this wild earth, formed it in the image of ancient artifacts, and fired it; she is also the maker of the Zombie Boy and many other fetish beads in my collection.

The hero of this mala is the Zombie Boy, caught between the Living and the Dead, and thus a perfect protector. His colors: Red, White and Black symbolize his special powers. ‘’On his right, he has a tribal African bead inlaid with silver, a mysterious Cat, a temple bead of black earth, and a shark’s tooth.  On his left, a Maya temple skull and a deep red heart signify his power over the Mysterious and the Mighty.

Each of the beads has a meaning: together they tell a story in the order they are strung.  Some are old and have lived in other pieces; some are one of a kind artisan works in a miniature size. Most have traveled far, representing distant lands and ancient truths, and all were carefully chosen to be a part of this talisman.

Zombie Boy, bar bead and red/green scribble bead from Vladthebatsceramics
Two sided Temple skull bead by Foxpaws.
Shark tooth bead and red heart by Scorched Earth.
Red butterfly-pattern bead and white-dot-perforation bead by  Balelaceramics.
Cube shaped black cassius earth beads by Doters.

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