Wednesday, December 11, 2019

House Protection Mala: BLUE RULER

“Mala” means ‘garland’ -  an idea more than 3,000 years old. This little collection of artisan beads, earth stones and artifacts from the natural world is meant to hang on a door or wall, in a very ancient tradition of welcoming the good and warning the evil that may come.

Each element adds symbolic meaning, starting with the one of a kind stoneware clay bar holding the piece together -  it represents the “Pillar of Heaven” holding the vault of Sky above Earth. The talented artist and fauxtifactician, Steph Brouwer (find her amazing work at Vladthebatsceramics) gathered this wild earth, formed it in the image of ancient artifacts, and fired it.

The hero of this mala is the Blue Ruler -  a crowned Blue Boy who has overcome Death and Adversity. He dances below a bead sybolizing rain and water, and He is the Ruler of the Birds of the Sky (see the bird-symbol on the right) and the Creatures of the Land (see the elephant on the left).

The Blue Ruler also employs magic spells: he uses the petroglyphs on the clay oval and the etched Tibetan agate Strong Heart beads on his right, and the pure light of the natural quartz point on his left.

Each of the beads has a meaning: together they tell a story in the order they are strung.  Some are old and have lived in other pieces; some are one of a kind artisan works in a miniature size. Most have traveled far, representing distant lands and ancient truths, and all were carefully chosen to be a part of this talisman.

Bar bead, Blue Ruler and petroglyph beads by Vladthebatsceramics)
Bird symbol bead by Foxpaws

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