Sunday, September 21, 2014

Soul Beads

 I do believe that spirit is everywhere and is ongoing, and that souls cycle through being and immateriality.

 So when the urge to embellish lovely humble little wooden beads overtook me and I found myself adding paint and pigment feverishly - inexplicably really - I waited to figure out why this effort was pouring out of me.  And why I took such pleasure in it.

 Like many creative ventures, there was no forethought. Everything that happened seemed inevitable, as if I was following an invisible set of instructions.

 Each one of the beads gets a bath of color and is brushed and lustered in a way that feels as if I’m the agent of some gentle directive force.

 And here is what I’ve observed in the months that the painted soul beads have been flowing from my little work bench:

 Each of the beads is the representation of a soul, traveling far and going through much. The pigments represent lives and experiences that color, taint and disguise the true soul.  Some beads get coats of hues that match their original pure untouched shade, and they glow and glisten more, exude a softness.  Other beads receive colors opposite and sometimes clashing with their native shades; for those, the applied pigments define and reshape them.  Patinas invoke age and experience, and these beads express the travels of ancient beings touched, rubbed, worn and enriched by uncountable events.  Although there are many with similar shape and colors, each has an individual surface and spiritual statement to make.

In the making of every one is an unfolding act of contemplation.