Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Heads Will Roll

 Or perhaps, heads will just turn.

 I can’t seem to explain why I am drawn to the odd, the quirky and what some would dub the grotesque.

 I’m not a fan of horror movies , of ugly for ugly’s sake, of gore, or sci-fi when the focus is monsters and mayhem.

 Just the same, this little disembodied head drew me in- mottled greenish glaze and all.  His troubled, somewhat pensively vacant stare derives, appropriately, from a wonderful artist’s studio called Wondrous Strange

 But “grotesque” doesn’t mean ugly.  You must look into it’s etymology: it refers to being of a grotto-  a deep place, like a cave, or a crypt.  Aha! Reference to something buried-  ancient, treasured but lost and found again. And like “cryptic” - hidden, mysterious. Something whose original meaning is lost, like its maker, and so needs decipherment.

 That’s it. That explains it.

 Made a nicely articulated body for him using a roundish clay color bead as a spinal column and a dramatic wrapped tube (replete with mystic patterns that look like paw-prints, leopard spots and pentimento remnants of ancient writing) from my treasure trove from StillPointWorks.
 He looks a little mummy-like, but his head bobbles nicely as he dances.

 So to go with it, a long necklace of stones (matte prehnite, butterscotch chalcedony, amazing crystalline refractive citrine) and the irrefutably beautiful beads of Basha and Ikuyo whose poetry sits front and center in the design. 
 And a tassel of miscellanies - micro versions of toys and tribute. Something to jingle and dangle like prayer flags and windchimes do. Something to hang like the gifts of those who come to pray at a temple.                                                 

 So many disparate treasures, like the bounty at low tide, strung together.

I think of my wonderful artisan friends who made this happy collection come together. Dorcas, Claire, Barbara, Ikuyo.  Thank you for sharing the fruit of your talents.