Tuesday, January 10, 2012

For Nusquam, Sparrow, MissFickle and the others

I’m supposed to be writing something that will inspire you.  Make you bother to read. That is a heavy task in winter, in the dark, under the weight of shared suffering.

Art is the task of healing one’s soul from the sorrows of life. And the process of tempering one’s joy with the recognition of mortality.  There is death in every moment of life, inherent in everything we make is the sense of the shortness of our time.
Where is wisdom in this?  It allows us to see beyond ourselves, see the metaphor in time and the symmetry of cyclic events.  It binds us to one another in times of tragedy.
 There has been enough tragedy in my circle to go around.  Death of two mothers. Death of a family’s wholeness. Terrible scourging illness.  With money and donations, we as a group of friends and artists have tried to support our sisters.  But it is through making beauty out of nothingness that we pull back the curtains of despair.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

What I did with 1.1.12

What did you do to close out the old year? 

Even though it wasn’t a sport that involved risk to life and limb, I can say my New Year's Day adventure led me on a journey that was fascinating and immensely special. 

I read Missficklemedia’s blog from the beginning.

Well, not exactly the beginning. I just kept hitting “older post” links and stepping back in time through this fascinating psychopop novella (albeit PG rated) and finding myself totally absorbed with the transformation in artistic direction of a real person and a pioneer. A pioneer who bravely shared the details of her artistic and personal learning curve.

She's generously given of the secrets she’s discovered, not to mention lots of luscious goodies – the raw components of a designer’s dream.
 More importantly, Missficklemedia has totally changed the way we think of metal components in making art jewelry. Not just neutral silver, copper, brass - , not only brown and white (OK, I’m simplifying here) but all the shades of passion burn in her “drenched metals.” 

I, for one, have never liked shiny.  I have nothing that goes with “shiny” and I can’t design with shiny. What I love is wabi-sabi (it’s a perfect, space-conserving term that implies so much with 4 syllables: look it up!) – something that looks like it was pulled out of a dark corner of a bottom drawer in a long-locked trunk that was buried for centuries. Glistening with wear, with memories of long years of much-loved use. 

Missficklemedia has potions to make that illusion happen.  And a book of spells to show you how.